Webinar: What is UX and why should you care about it?

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UX, short for user experience, is a term so ubiquitous that one rarely knows what it means anymore. Most commonly used in conjunction with the word – design, as in UX Design, it has quickly risen to being one of the most sought after job positions. A field that is industry agnostic and yet lacks a universally acceptable definition. We all know we have to care about UX Design. But why and most importantly, how?

In this talk, Sally and Himanshu will take us through what it means to apply UX Design to our practice, whatever that practice might be.

Sally White is a UX Researcher working both independently and together with Zenit design. She has a background in product design and has been working with UX for over 20 years. She has worked within a number of different product categories, from white goods, mobile phones and dialysis machines to online home interior planning tools.

Her common goal is always to help her clients to create the best possible solutions that are intuitive and fun to use while fulfill their customers needs.

Himanshu Rohilla is an Interaction Designer working at Zenit Design in Malmö. Himanshu is a generalist and systems thinker with almost 15 years of past experiences from software engineering, photography, videography, content strategy and UX design. He has worked with clients in the banking sector, media and entertainment industry including with rock stars & sports stars and a few FMCG companies.

He cares deeply about the human condition and values the human experience.

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